Hired by Four Seasons in 2007, Maud Licari has visited nearly 50 of the hotel chain’s 104 facilities. She’ll tell us more about her trips abroad and what she does daily in her office in Paris.

“I love my job because every single day I create emotions, change dreams into exceptional moments and into lifelong memories.

 "We’re like magicians working in the background. "

travel about once or twice every other month, mainly in Europe in my region and twice a year I take part on the “World” meetings in Asia or in the Americas. All in all, I’ve stayed in almost 50 Four Seasons hotels since I was hired back in 2007.

Every single month we have a new project and thus a new opportunity to discover a new city, country, a different culture and client base.

We recently announced a project in Anguilla, which is a British overseas territory, as well as one in Vietnam and in Croatia.  New destinations that I’ll soon discover and for which I’ll be able to associate new landscapes, but above all, the faces of new colleagues.

As for what I do in my office in Paris, my key mission is to promote all our destinations and to make sure that our operational teams have all the information they need to fulfill the desires of their guests.

I work with hundreds of different nationalities and learn something from them every day!“ Maud Licari

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