There are no borders when conveying knowledge

Pierre Laroche was a Vatel Paris professor. Today he is still teaching the French art of hospitality in China.

There are no borders when conveying knowledge

Pierre Laroche, who taught for 15 years at the Vatel Paris Restaurant and who has recently retired, is continuing to convey his knowledge abroad, as he left for China at the beginning of 2016 to train Vatel Huangshan students. 

“All training has to start out by listening to others! Upon arriving in China, I had to start out by knowing my public in order to adapt my courses to them.

Vatel Paris students are used to eating with a knife and a fork, but not those in Vatel Huangshan, who eat with chopsticks.

What about English? It slows down students who are shy, but everyone is really eager to learn and they all share a competitive spirit.

Their personalities? Just like French students: shy, out-going, leaders, clumsy, stressed, etc.

I analyzed all these parameters the very first day to adapt my courses on the following days and to set up my application teams.

 I also used a lot of visual content. And they really amazed me with their skills in new technologies.” 



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