Cassandre takes the helm of her destiny

The universe of airports, aviation... For Cassandre Debonneville, it’s turned into a passion! Is this compatible with hotel management education?

Cassandre takes the helm of her destiny

With a Bachelor in International Hotel Management degree from Vatel Lyon in 2015, Cassandre wants to continue her studies at Vatel.  But abroad. She decided to go to Asia for her graduate studies, at Vatel Singapore

Just a few months after arriving, she even was able to associate her studies with her passion: Through LinkedIn, I contacted Edwin Lim, who is the Alpha Flight Operational Manager in Asia.  This company is a subsidiary of Dnata, which is the world’s third largest airborne restaurant services company.

They really liked the originality of my profile and my enthusiasm.  He set up a meeting with the company’s third senior executive.

All I needed to do is to convince him of the skills that an expert in hospitality could bring him and that my project, linking hospitality management and aviation was a coherent one.

Now for the past three months I’ve been studying the Japanese and Singapore markets for Alpha Flight with the goal of bringing in new lines of thought on how they manage their production lines and their sales strategy.

Let’s hope that the conclusions I’ll be presenting in March 2017 will be the ones that make my career take off.” Cassandre D.


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