Vatel professors around the world

A professor of hospitality management, restaurant services and tourism management for over 28 years, Pat Golden-Romero teaches MBA Vatel courses at Vatel San Diego, USA.

Vatel professors around the world

Pat Golden Romero’s background includes educational expertise and hands-on hotel management skills, with a strong appetite for the quality process.


She has often given lectures and directed educational programs and training services, as well as having managed operational services in international organizations.

She shares her expertise in “Hotel Convention Sales, Services, and Operations”, (Routledge, 2011), a book she wrote to be used at the university and that undergraduate courses specialized in hospitality and convention management have adopted.

What does she like the best? Helping young adults materialize their theoretical knowledge.

And she never misses an opportunity to say how high a level Vatel students have: “Extremely driven, they propose efficient solutions in case studies.

Each of them has had a productive internship experience and our group projects all directly benefit from this.”