Quality is luxury: how can we reach this?

Isabelle B, a Vatelien and the President of the leading quality measurement agency for luxury hotels, gives us her answer.

Quality is luxury: how can we reach this?

With the arrival of new players in the tourist industry, luxury hotels are changing.

Eastern know-how, the financial power of Golf families, investments from luxury brands, are all contributing to overturning the hotel environment.

This means that each hotel is competing with others to create, renew, innovate and offer unique experiences, with the goal of having repeat customers who are more and more demanding.

 Photo : ©The Lobby Restaurant Peninsula Paris 

Training to better welcome guests

Service quality and human relationships are now a part of key criteria, which hence only included location, an original concept, and working with well-known chefs or interior decorators. When you’re running a luxury hotel, all of the above are indispensable. But having an eye for details is not something people are born with. It’s something they learn. Training staff members thus becomes an element of differentiation that cannot be neglected.

While notions of customer experiences, creation of emotions, wanting guests to be wowed are all key words when speaking of customer loyalty and generating repeat customers, the hospitality industry now has another challenge to meet: learning how to welcome a public from emerging and largely unknown markets.


Monitoring quality for continuous improvement

Quality, in a broad sens, including sanitary quality and service quality, is a high priority subject in luxury hotels and restaurants. Over the past few decades, the definition of Quality Assurance has been transformed, as clients prefer a type of philosophy and are searching for a unique experience.

The main stakes involved in Quality Assurance are thus making all staff members aware of the importance of reducing the gaps between perceived quality and delivered quality. The attitudes and conduct of each and every member of the personnel are strategic for a hotel, especially as nowadays, quality is something that can be measured, and hotel guests like to give testimonials and appreciate being listened to.

If you’re still not convinced, all you have to do is take a look at hotel rankings done by customers on many Internet sites.


Introducing continuity in guest relations

Last but not least, satisfaction and customer loyalty are the major aspects of Quality Assurance. Customer feedback must be assessed, and online questionnaires today seem to be the most effective tools, but they of course, have to be read and tracked.

New technologies are thus helping hotel managers to introduce a true type of continuity in guest relations when they act upon remarks given by customers.  This approach, which boosts loyalty, also helps improve qualitative and quantitative reporting.

In a nutshell, Service Quality is a key issue for all luxury hotels and restaurants. It gives employees the opportunity to seek excellence. It gives guests and clients the outlook of a unique experience.

Isabelle Boutteville, Vatel Paris class of 96 & President of Excel Place in Paris