The Night at the Hotel

Have you ever heard of “The Night at the Museum?” Here’s the version that takes place at a hotel, starring Yannick Godfrind, the Duty Manager at a five-star hotel in London.

The Night at the Hotel

A Vatel Nimes 2012 graduate and a Vatel Los Angeles 2013 graduate, today Yannick Godfrind is a Duty Manager.

This strange name refers to what he does as the Night Manager as the Four Seasons London Park Lane Hotel.

From 10 p.m. until 8:00 the following morning, this young Vatelien leads a team of twenty in the following departments:

  • Room service,
  • Accommodations,
  • Safety,
  • Guest Relations & Communication,
  • The Front Desk,
  • Engineering.

“Besides my duties in surveillance and team management, I also prepare the audit reports, check and verify what was done during the previous day to optimize a seamless delivery of the one that will begin again the next morning.

Nights are completely unpredictable, as compared to days. Each of my decisions has to be thoroughly thought through, as it will directly impact the upcoming day. Sometimes I have to manage crisis situations, and have to make emergency calls to the firemen, rescue squad or the police,” said Yannick.


Cross-cultural management in a very cosmopolitan city

Yannick adores the adrenalin that stems from working at night, but what he prefers above all is working with the cultural diversity he has in his teams: “the people I manage come from Egypt, Sweden, Austria, Finland, Morocco, China, Germany, Italy, Greece and Japan!

Yannick GodfrindI always try to keep in mind the prism reading principle where each person takes care of the work he or she has to do. Each nationality has its own way of reacting to a given situation and I sort of play the role of a universal translator, like I learned how to do in Vatel’s ‘Multicultural Management’ course.”

Learning how to live together was something that he was taught in his theoretical courses and that he experienced with his international classmates on the Vatel Nimes Campus. Don’t forget that this School has nearly 50 different nationalities in its students, who live together every day.

“My courses as well as Vatel Nimes’cultural diversity well prepared me to respond to the demands of an international client base, which I also met during my internships when I was working as a:

And this last internship is the one that unlocked the hiring door for me: because of my network, I was able to land an interview with the Human Resources Manager of the Hotel where I’m working today. I was promoted as the Front Desk Supervisor just a year after I began and as the Night and Duty Manager, only 6 months later.

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