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And if we could all create happiness...

Jeremie de Fombelle has always loved resorts and has seen many of them, before coming to Mauritius. And this is where he [...]

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Vatel professors around the world

A professor of marketing, corporate promotion and negotiation, Sophie Lot loves adult education and teaches at Vatel Swi [...]

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Thousands of publications, just a click away

Every day, Vatel students and instructors prepare for class, study, and fan the flames of their curiosity, thanks to the [...]

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Tomorrow’s hospitality will be green and virtuous

The hospitality and tourism industries are particularly concerned by sustainable development. And what if Vatel alumni p [...]

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A real-life business game

Future hospitality professionals, welcome to Vatel’s 100% management simulation serious game! For an entire week and o [...]

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No one can beat a Vatel alumnus to coordinate the Vateliens network!

Who is Gaelle Garnier, the new manager of the network of 35,000 Vatel alumni throughout the world? Let’s meet a Vateli [...]


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