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Asian ambassadors 

Already hired and named as ambassadors of the city of Albi in Vietnam! What a success for Marie and Jennifer, two Vatel Ho Chi Mihn students who came to France for their final internship. Ludivine Borie, their internship supervisor, tells us more.

Asian ambassadors 

The Ibis Styles d’Albi hotel manager, Ludivine Borie took advantage of a trip to Vietnam to meet the Vatel Ho Chi Mihn management and propose an internship partnership between the school and the Accor hotels (HIS group), in her region.

Just a few months later, five Vatel Ho Chi Minh City students began their six-month internship in France:

Graduation Vietnam Vatel

“I was really impressed by the courage, the reactivity and how good Marie and Jennifer were in speaking to others. They spend every evening working on their French to give our guests impeccable service. After just three months, both were fluent.

Stephanie Guiraud-Chaumeil, the mayor of Albi, even asked them to give a speech when she came to the hotel with other ambassadors of the city. The girls were so professional and beaming that the Mayor appointed them as the official ambassadors of the city in Vietnam. I’m really proud of them,” said Ludivine Borie.

“As I’m also from Vietnam, I jumped on the occasion of their graduation ceremony to give them a job offer for both of them!

My internship partnerships with Vatel will continue of course and I’m also going to try to work with other Group Campuses in Asia”. Ludivine Borie. 


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