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Do, re, mi, Annecy

The daily challenge luxury hospitality faces? Philippe Gourgaud, a Vatelien, believes that you have to know how to conti [...]

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Camille Oliva, a Champs-Elysees headhunter

A Vatel 2014 alumnus, today Camille Oliva heads the Marriott Group’s Training & Recruitment department at their Paris [...]

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The one who succeeded...

And what if Thomas Matteï’s years at Vatel was a TV series? He answers right away: Friends! And here’s a new episod [...]

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Vateliens: a huge global family

With many different exciting careers, Vatel alumni make up a huge international network. Committed to their school and i [...]

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Success in Tel Aviv

A unique concept taking the best of both worlds from renting apartments and staying in hotels, the Sweet Inn startup is [...]

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Professionals speak about Vatel

Yves Murdy, who has been the Sofitel So Bangkok director for the past three years, speaks about how he worked closely wi [...]


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